[Loch-soilleir] comments on the new Domesday/OP

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 29 16:29:07 PST 2005

On Dec 29, 2005, at 12:08 PM, Hedwig von Luneborg wrote:

> Greetings unto the populace of Loch Soilleir,
>    There are a few things about the Domesday and OP I want to address 
> in this little note.   Several people had questions for me about the 
> following topics.  I'll begin with the Domesday:

I, for one, would like to say a huge THANK YOU! It's a huge and often 
thankless job, and you did it well. :-)

Also, I'd like to point out that Hedwig asked us for *weeks* to get our 
information to her and make sure it was correct. Yeah, she made a 
couple of typos, which she mentioned here (and I'm sure will be fixed 
before the next printing). But anything other than that -- especially 
any omissions -- are *our* fault for not telling her.

> Now, about the OP; I have been told by a few people that their entry 
> is incorrect or incomplete.  I have also been asked if (fill in 
> person's name here)  really doesn't have (fill in award here).  This 
> is the situation:
> <snip good advice>

In my experience, the biggest reason your award doesn't get into the 
kingdom OP is most often because NOBODY REPORTED IT from the event. It 
only takes ONE person willing to fill out the form (available for 
download from the kingdom's web site), check with the presiding herald 
to make sure the names are correct, get the presiding noble(s) to sign 
it, and mail it (regular mail) to the kingdom OP herald (listed in the 
Black Star). However, having attended and/or presided over (either as 
noble or herald) many hundreds of events, I can say without hesitation 
that MANY events go unreported because nobody present sent in the 

You don't have to be a herald to do the paperwork! Really! Anyone can 
do it. :-)

Having said all of that: if you find that your award which was given at 
some event isn't published in the Black Star within a couple of months, 
contact the OP herald (again, listed in the Black Star). You can take 
the initiative and let them know about your award. Usually you can just 
send them a photocopy of your scroll. If you didn't get a scroll 
(again, happens all too often), get the noble(s) who presided at that 
event (for example, your baron or baroness) to vouch for you; the OP 
herald will often take their word for it.

Hedwig, thanks again. I hope that these few words help you accomplish 
your goal of having an up-to-date Domesday *and* OP. :-)

Michael Silverhands

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