[Loch-soilleir] more demo news

CAC giovanna51 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 09:12:58 PST 2005

Hello everyone, The lady from UHCL called and would like us
to do whatever we can on Wed. Nov. 16 at 9am in the Arbor
Bldg. There are 19, 5th grade gifted children who want  to
pick our brains and might be interested in youth boffer and
their families might get involved also- potential
newcomers!I am going and bring some garb I have sewed,
Hedwig is maybe coming to do period food, I hope for Yami
to be available for weapons. The kids stay until 1 pm that
day. So if you can only come for a short while we can get
you in. Please let me know asap. Sincerely, Giovanna P.S.
The lady is very excited about it. They are studying
everything to do with that period.  She also will be
wanting us in the spring for the gifted 4th graders.

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