[Loch-soilleir] Children's A&S at Tourney by the Loch

Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh wyllowmacm at netscape.net
Sun Nov 20 03:15:13 PST 2005

Greetings to all the youth of Ansteorra!  Greetings to all those who mentor our youth, as well!

This missive is to inform you of a side competition happening at Tourney by the Loch on December 3rd.  I have personally seen what wonderful creations the youth raised in the SCA are capable of, and would like to encourage them to show their work more often.  So, I am sponsoring a Children's Arts & Sciences challenge during the Tourney. Here's the details:

1. There is no theme.  But the piece should display a medieval skill or technique. 
2. Any youth 16 and under may enter. 
3. The child's presence is required during judging.  (We'll go and find him/her, if necessary.)  This is so s/he can hear what the judges look for in a piece.

4. Documentation - in the children's own words - is required.  (5x8 index-card style encouraged - see below.)  The child is allowed to ask for help with their research and hard things like names & dates.  If s/he is too young to write, it may be dictated.  Mentors and parents, just let their words reach the paper.  Grammar & spelling won't count against them.

5. Older and experienced youth will have more expected of them, of course. 
5. All participants will be recognized and rewarded.

To help me prepare the correct number of prizes, please send a letter of intent ("Sue is entering.").  It is not required - but it will help.

I am also searching for a few children-friendly Laurels to help judge and encourage our youth.  If you have encountered a Laurel who has inspired and encouraged your child, please send me his/her name, so I may ask them personally.  (I'll also take volunteers from the Laurels.)

5x8 Index-Card Documentation: 
On a 5x8 Index card write: 
1. What you are entering.  (Just describe it in a title - When/where/what technique is good.  "15th Century French Pottery Vase")

2. How others did it in the Middle Ages.  (When & where did it come from?  What did they use it for?  What materials did they use?  What tools?  Do any examples of it still exist?  Bring a picture! )

3. How YOU did it.  (What did you do differently?  Why?  Was it for safety?  Were you using the stuff you had at hand?  Were you making it for a special purpose?)

4. Any references - write down any books or magazines you used to learn about this, or the name of the person who helped you.

And put your name on the bottom or back of the card - so we can find you. 
See?  Not hard at all.  I'll have a few extra index cards on-site, just in case.  I'm looking forward to seeing your creations.

In Service to the Dream, 
H.L. Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh.

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