[Loch-soilleir] Youth Boffer Authorization at Tourney by the Loch

Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh wyllowmacm at netscape.net
Sun Nov 20 03:30:31 PST 2005

Greetings unto the Youth Boffer fighters of the Loch and Stargate area!

First of all, I would like to you come out and practice at the UH Fighter's Practice on the 4th Tuesday of the month - and yes, I know it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I will be there with loaner gear, ready to help you get out on the field.

Second, Lord Michael of Langley is coming to Tourney by the Loch on Dec 3rd to authorize our Youth Boffer fighters!  He requests the following:
Please make sure that they have done the following before I arrive:

1. Make sure they have read and understand the rules regarding blows, 
calling shots, HOLD, courtesies, etc.

2. Make sure that they have their armor and weapons ready (or loaner 
available).  I will be traveling in my small 2 seater and will not have 
loaner gear available.

3. Make sure that they have at least fought once or twice (just practice of 
course).  I will be watching for certain things in the authorization process 
(just like the adult marshals do when authorizing a new adult fighter). I 
will have cards available so they will be ready to go that very same day - 
provided they pass (muhahaha!!) - just kidding

4. Our Shire is holding our Yule Revel the same weekend (at my house at 
that!).  I will only be available for an early morning authorization class. 
I am also coming the San Antonio area at that (not Speing Branch, Houston), 
so I'll probably be coming friday evening. I will have to leave when the 
class (and authorization bouts) are complete.  PLEASE make sure that the 
fighters needing authorization are there early that saturday morning :)

5. If you can send me the names and address info of the participants, I'll 
try to make sure the cards are pre-made out.  At least one parent needs to 
be present (to actually sign the card) as well.

So, if your youth plans to authorize at Tourney by the Loch, please send me (Wyllow) his/her name and address, so I can pass them on.  We will go over the rules at fighter practice, to make sure they are ready.  Also, I will attempt to make it to the 5th Tuesday of the month UH Fighter practice, to help out any youth who are out of town on the 4th Tuesday or who want more practice.

Vivat the Dream!
--H.L. Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh

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