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Hedwig von Luneborg lochherald at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 20:55:18 PST 2005

Greetings unto the most serpentine populace of Loch Soilleir! It is I,
Hedwig, frazzled feast steward of Tourney by the Loch, bringing you many
well wishes AND directions to my humble kitchen for two fun filled nights of
preevent feast prep!  I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath
for this information! Well wait no more!  Here are the directions and times:

Wednesday Evening 6:30 to whenever Gunthar can't stand it any more
Thursday Evening 6:30 to Gunthar's breaking point
Friday Evening (if needed) 7:00ish until were done (this one will be on
location not at my home)


>From all points south take Interstate 45 North to the Scarsdale Exit
Go over the interstate and continue on Scarsdale unto Beamer Road
Once at Beamer take a right at that light the next light is Hughes Road go
Once on Hughes Road you will continue on until you get to the elementary
school (Frazier Elementary) which is on the right side of the road
count two streets past the school the second street is Sagetrail Dr and that
is where you turn left
We live in the second house on the left and have a big wrought iron cross on
the front of our home

A few other landmarks:  At Sagetrail there is a large fence with the name
MATRANGA in large white letters on it...if you forgot to count and you find
that fence turn left it is our street.  If you miss the turn and get to a
stop sign turn a round and Sagetrail is the second street  from that stop

Its not too difficult but just in case here is our phone number and address
if you'd like to map search us:

11211 Sagetrail Dr Houston TX, 77089-4415 (mapquest requires the last four
numbers after the dash now)

>From points north take Interstate 45 South to Beltway 8 and go West (left)
on the beltway to the Blackhawk/Beamer exit
Go left on Beamer once you get to Hughes road go right and follow the above
instructions from the elementary school on.

>From Pearland/Silverlake area take the Beltway to the Blackhawk exit and go
right on Blackhawk
Go through two lights and one stop sign at the second stop sign you reach go
left onto Hughes Road
at the first stop sign (Sagecanyon I believe) count two streets and the
second street is Sagetrail go right etc etc etc

>From the Dixie Farm Road area you can go left on Blackhawk (now that it's
finished) all the way up to Hughes Road and go right see directions above

Please bring a knife and cutting board if you have one as I've only got one
of each for myself.  We will be doing veggie slaughter mostly nothing too
gooey or gross (unless you REALLLY want to help Gunthar with the hog head
and then you can get gross if you want...up to you)

Thank you in advance for you willingness to help out.  as always I remain:

In Service to (and pursuit of) "The Dream",
Hedwig von Luneborg

"To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to
society." --
Theodore Roosevelt
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