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Sorry I wasn't there to help sample the goodies.  How were they received?

Hedwig Seiffensider <lochherald at gmail.com> wrote:Greetings,
   I am not sure who has access to the storage shed but I would really appreciate someone going by there and picking up a few boxes of Ziploc bags for me and bringing them to populace meeting tonight.  (Tristan told me when we cleaned the shed that he would hang me from a tree if I turned in a receipt for Ziploc bags before we used all of what we already had...I'm kinda scared of heights so I'd like to avoid that scenario if at all possible!) 
   I would like to once again remind everyone to get their information to me for the Doomsday that I am in the process of updating.  So far I've only gotten a handful of responses...not even enough for two pages so I'd really like everyone to strive to get that to me as soon as possible.  My goal is to have this finished in time for Yule, December 17th. 
   I have at least one submission I will be mailing to Asterisk Herald this month so if anyone has any heraldry issues or submissions tonight would be the night to bring your paperwork or questions.  (BTW Your Grace, I will need a check to send in with Mater Galen's paperwork...hint hint on the checkbook!)  
   Also, tonight is the book fare at my kids' school and I will be there for that.  I do believe that Lady Jennette has graciously agreed to attend in garb and I've had two other maybes.  If you'd like to come and help out for a small amount of time please feel free to call me (281-795-8262) or email me and I'll give you directions. 
   Last, I will be bringing a small sample batch of one of the side dishes I have planned for feast at Tourney by the Loch...if you'd like to give some feed back on that please come to populace and have a taste.
Until tonight, I remain:
In Service to (and pursuit of) "The Dream",

Hedwig Seiffender

"Everyone deserves a clear path to the bathroom" 
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