[Loch-soilleir] Loch Yule thank yous

M. Fong melessant at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 9 14:26:13 PST 2007

Baron William, Lord Brian O'hUilliam, and Don Tristan for transporting, toting, unpacking, and packing everything needed for the event from the shed.
  Lord Yamai and Lord Madog for decorating and un-decorating the hall.
  Master Modius, Lord Brian O'hUilliam, and Don Tristan for staffing Gate.
  Lord Brian O'hUilliam for (again) being the Boar. (the Boar found a nice, comfortable home and didn't end up on the feast table this year)
  Baron William and Baroness Katya for laying out the golf "course." And Lord Dolfin for supplying the golf ball.
  Lord Madog for marshaling the chivalric fighting.
  Countess Sara for providing charter painting.
  Herrin Hedwig, Lord Brian O'hUilliam, and Herr Gunthar for the terrific Heraldic Scavenger Hunt.
  Lord Gerald and Baron Ihon who provided impromptu music.
  Master Leofric for an awesome feast that filled everyone (and then some).
  And especially to everyone who came to have fun at Fairy Tale Yule.
  (retired event steward)

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