[Loch-soilleir] Gulf Wars

Kathy Cofrin kcofrin at flash.net
Fri Dec 21 13:23:39 PST 2007

Yes, we will be there.  Bell Wedge 20 X 12.

Bill Butler <chemistbb3 at yahoo.com> wrote: Let My voice be herad through out the Lands of the
Coastal region of Ansteorra!

(Please cross post to your local list.)

It is not plows that are being made in the forges of
Trimaris.  It is swords, spear points and arrowheads. 
It is not sleepless ness that are keeping those living
near the Trimarian armourers awake through the night,
but the ceaseless ring of hammers.  

We must prepare one and all for this Spring we may
once again be forced to march east to meet the threat
of Trimarian foes...


Yep, pre-registration for Gulf Wars is open!!!!

Pre-register now and often...LOL

Once again, I am the Coastal Land Steward.
Pre-registeration garantees you land in the Coastal
Encampment.  Once you have pre-registered, please send
me your tent dimensions, including space for ropes,
what group you will be camping with, and who will be
camping in your tent.

E-mail be at chemistbb3 at yahoo.com

Yes, it is understood that this year's spring break
falls on the wrong week for most schools in Ansteorra,
so it is important for all those who can to come to
Gulf War this year to serve your Kingdom. 

William Wescott of Welewen
Coastal Land Steward 

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