[Loch-soilleir] Sheep-to-Shawl Classes

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Mon May 5 05:58:36 PDT 2008

News to Fiber Artists in the Loch and our neighboring lands,

I am starting a new set of Sheep-to-shawl classes at my Fiber Arts  
meetings on Mondays. My local sheep Pamela Ewe-ling and her daughter  
Peep just dropped a bag of wool off on my doorstep. (Don't ask about  
brother Bo - it's a sad but yummy story.)

Monday (5/4) is "This is the way you wash your wool..."  If you want  
to help, come in clothes that can get wet & dirty.

The rest of May will be "Carding for Woolen" & "Combing for Worsted".  
I am planning to include a workshop to make our own combs.  (I may  
sneak in a "Dyeing in the Wool" class.)  Plan to card or comb your  
own wool, if you want to learn to spin.

June will be Spinning - "Make your own Spindle", "Spinning in the  
Hand" and "Drop-spinning".
(I could sneak a Felting class into the cycle here.)

We'll dedicate July to Dyeing.

Which means I'll be looking for final-product teachers at the end of  
Summer - Knitting, Felting, Naalbending, Sprang, Weaving (basic,  
inkle, card).

In case there is a huge outpouring of interest, I am requesting RSVPs  
so I can plan for the correct number of participants.  However, I'll  
plan a few above, in case you convince a friend to come at the last  
minute.  The "Make your Own" classes will include a request for a few  
$ to cover cost of materials.

The Loch Fiber Art guild meets on Mondays, in conjunction with the  
UFO (Un-Finished Objects). (So bring a project to work on, if you are  
just coming along for the ride.  Or plan to peruse my research  
library.)  We meet at 207 Sweetgum, League City, from 7:00pm-9:ish.   
email or call for directions: wyllowmacm at netscape.net or 281-316-0764.

In Service to the Dream,

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