[Loch-soilleir] Fiber Arts - Washing Wool today (May 12)

Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh wyllowmacm at netscape.net
Mon May 12 05:12:25 PDT 2008

Greetings unto the Fiber Artisans of the Loch,

We were distracted last week, and did not get the fleeces washed -  
so, today is the day we wash our wool.  Come prepared to get wet, if  
you would like to help.

Next week (5/19), we will be Making our Own Wool Combs - please RSVP  
if you plan to make the combs, so I can ensure there are enough  
materials.  I estimate the cost at $2-4 for the wood.  (I have never  
made these before, but have an example from one of our Ansteorran  
Spinners to follow.  So stumble along with me, in the learning  
process.)  Similar combs you can buy online cost $49-$145.  See  

The Monday of Memorial Day (5/ 26) is an unknown, since I will be  
returning from Steppes Warlord.  Please call ahead  (281-316-0764) -  
no more than an hour before - to ensure I have made it home.  If so,  
I will teach a low-energy class on Carding/Combing Wool for Woolen/ 
Worsted yarn.
We will also teach the class the first week of June.  It will take  
more than one evening to comb or card enough wool to spin, anyways,  
and spinners are expected to prepare their own wool.  (HINT:   
children are a great way to get wool combed - plan to bring them to  
learn alongside you.)  If you card/comb your wool ahead of time, you  
can devote more time to just spinning later.

At the same time, all are welcome to come for UFO (Un-Finished  
Objects), which runs parallel.  Our "UFOs" are often unrecognizable,  
but only flying through the air if the artisan is frustrated. Or just  
drop in for a cup of tea and a chance to peruse and listen for ideas.

In Service to the Dream,
--Wyllow of The Loch

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