[Loch-soilleir] Loch-Soilleir Digest, Vol 31, Issue 4

Dave Wise wiselaw at comcast.net
Thu Nov 6 04:16:37 PST 2008

Planning on heading up sometime Friday evening.  Will have the ponies in
tow.  As I understand it, the equestrian will be in a different area, but
still separate from the regular camping. lmk what I can bring.


Your Excellency William,

At the moment all I know is that I have been able to reschedule the
prior committment that was keeping us from going to BAM. :)  I don't
know when we'll be leaving on Friday, but I would like to camp with
and possibly eat supper with the Loch group.  We actually have a tent
now, that I forgot to measure last weekend, but the bag claims it is
14' by 9'.  If we bring the other one instead, it is smaller.

So please pencil myself and Bill in for supper and land space, and as
soon as I have more details, I'll let you know.

-Debbie, up in Stargate

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