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Your Excellency William,
We will be arriving Saturday morning around 10- 10:30.
We will be bringing 2 tents- 12 x 12  and a 8 x 10
We would be happy to camp with the LS group
We would be willing to bring food for a Saturday night feast, just e-mail  me 
with what you want us to bring and the number of people expected.
Baron Bors of Lothian
Baroness Ann
Little Nick and a friend
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Your  Excellency William,

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>> > Unto the populace journeying  to Autumn Melees.
>> >
>> > Do we wish to camp as a  Barony and do we wish to try
>> to make arrangements
>> to  eat, at least Saturday night, as a Barony?
>> >
>> > I  am willing to either cook a pork roast or smothered
>> prokchops and  rice
>> for Saturday night dinner.
>> >
>> >  And we may wantr to get a count as to who is going.
>>  >
>> > William
>> >
>>  >
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