[Loch-soilleir] Loch Officers and Other Important Information

Melissa Carter honeyfrog at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 10:40:37 PST 2009

As to date we have had NO (zero, zip, nill, nada) applications for
seneschal.  We have now about 5 weeks to get a new one in place before I
step down or the barony will be in dire straights.  Please consider serving
our local group in this capacity.

Loch Yule is this Saturday at the same location where populace is held.  The
cost of the site on a weekend is $50.00.  We will be taking donations at the
door to cover this cost rather than charging a gate fee.  For that reason
there is no NMS.  We will also not be holding a traditional feast.  This
year we will have pot luck dinner.  If you are coming to Yule please bring a
dish enough to serve all in your family plus 2 to 4 extra people.  That
should cover feed everyone.

We will be having our usual contests:
table decoration (both themed and seasonal categories)
garb competitions
dessert competition (PLEASE enter last year we had only two entries and as
we are doing pot luck we will need sweets for dessert)
Iron Bard (Frank Sinatra or Rat Pack era music filk is the category)

Weather permitting we will also have the boar hunt and period golf.  Pick up
fights are always welcomed over in the park area.

Times are from 9 or 10AM to 9PM.  The kitchen will be available to reheat or
finish off your food dishes.  Please note that if you dirty it you clean it.

I hope to see many new faces and perhaps some others that haven't been out
in a while this coming Saturday.
As always if you have any questions you can email or call me.

HL Hedwig, seneschal, out going

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