[Loch-soilleir] [Gatesedge] [Stargate] To Middle Eastern drummers and dancers...

Steve Scott (Dietrich) gadgetech3142 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 17:18:05 PDT 2010

Change of plans...the first meeting will be at our house on Wednesday, 7/28/10, 
at 7:00pm.

I have started a Yahoo Group for those interested in this.  The group name is 
Aleeasar.  If you have trouble joining the group, email me privately, and I'll 
send you an invitation.


You will find everything you want to know about my plans for this group there.


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I would prefer that we start meeting on the 28th at  Dietrich and Gwen's if 
possible.  I still have 3 weeks left of my Monday  night bhangra dance class, 
*and* I don't want to confuse people with 2 different  meeting locations.
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> Simone,
>I would love to come to your drumming on Monday (7/19) if          beginners are 
>ok. Could you send me the address and directions. I would          be coming 
>straight from work so will this be a garb thing. Should we          bring and 
>food or drinks to share?
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>>> If there is anyone out there in the Greater            Stargate area who is 
>>>interested in
>>> drumming on a regular            basis, say, once a week or every other week if 
>>>            please let me know.  I would be willing to travel up to 30            
>>>minutes or so each
>>> way if need be.
>>Hi            Dietrich, I am interested in a drumming/dancing practice in the            
>>Stargate area.  I am out in Katy (I-10 at Grand            Parkway)
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