[Loch-soilleir] Last Tuesday practice

Baronman at aol.com Baronman at aol.com
Thu Jul 22 22:31:22 PDT 2010

I was at Tuesday night practice about 4 weeks ago where I overdid and  
really wrenched my shoulder good. After several weeks of recovery I was out  
again last Tuesday. I want to thank Sir Alexis for being REALLY kind to me  and 
not making me look like I sucked too bad ( Which I did) and also thanks to  
Sir Badon's squire whom I regretfully did not get his name .  The shoulder  
was hurting again afterwards but not as bad as before and seems to be 
recovering  nicely ( Thank goodness for Ibuprofen ).  I should make it back out  
again in a couple of weeks- see you there.  

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