[Loch-soilleir] Need Willing & Able Persons For Upcoming Demo in Crockett, TX

Ciarnat Ciarnat at consolidated.net
Mon Jun 21 12:38:50 PDT 2010

SCA Sisters & Brothers,

     Earlier last month, a missive came from Lady Katrina Alyse Argo,
requesting any and all SCAers to help her put on a giant demo in conjunction
with a fund-raising event.
   Lord Thorkin of Blackthorne, Squire to Sir Arenveld Kief av Kiersted,
heard of the plight of a Navarro County family through an old high school
friend: Tory Cantu, age 13 was hospitalized for Rheumatoid Arthritis,
developed an allergic reaction to some medication, developed an infection
and died of complications.  Shockingly, all of this came to pass in a short
period of time.  Tory was just a young teen, tragically did not live to be
able to realize her full potential in life.

  There is to be a large fund-raiser event to assist Tory's family, dealing
with the shock and devastation at the loss of their dear daughter and a
torrent of incoming  medical bills.  The event and demo is slated for
Saturday July 17, 2010 in Crockett, Texas at American Legion Post #134.  The
post has a tree-shaded area (near a war memorial & tank) for both Chivalric
& Rapier activities, space for Equestrian activities, there is also a Civic
Center building in which artists can display A & S things. Spaces in the VFW
RV park will be set aside for anyone wanting to arrive on Friday for early

 Other non-SCA groups such as a blood bank that donated $10 per each pint of
blood donated, Cotton Patch Restaurants sold bracelets and a trust fund was
set up at Prosperity Bank in Corsicana, Tory's hometown.  Local radio
stations in the Crockett area will be advertising this event, the VFW
ladie's auxiliary will sell food & drink.

  There has never been a Medieval & or Middle Ages event done in the
Crockett area before and the VFW crew are all excited, hearing all the
details about SCA.

    What can we SCAers do to help?  We can gather up all of our friends,
bring out our best garb and banners, armor, weaponry, horses, siege engines,
day pavilions, water bearing supplies and people willing to do water
bearing, dancers, musicians, artists, Chivalric & Rapier community, A & S
displays (no judges, only to dazzle the eyes and educate the public!).
Bring medieval themed merchandise to sell.  Donate an item to the silent
auction.  Show the public how you do some crafting:  needlework, wood work,
leather work, calligraphy, illumination, creating items of mail, making
weaponry, etc.  Whatever you do, the public wants to see it, to learn more
about it.

   Let's have ourselves an event to showcase what we do, maybe interest the
locals and visitors to join hometown SCA groups, increase our populace in
the Known World and not have to pay any gate fees!  We can do what we do
best and help the Cantu family at their time of greatest need.

    Anyone want to carpool?  Discuss with your friends, gather everyone up
and let's go!

    I know we can do this in a big way, make all of us SCAers proud and team
up to help on July 17, 2010.

    In Service to Ansteorra & Stargate,



P.S.  Please contact Lady Katrina mka Cam Battaglia at the following:
                         15 River Terrace
                         Dayton, TX  77535

Cell Phone:  218-904-0218 (No calls M-F between 9 AM to 6 PM)

Evening Phone:  281-576-5485 (Please leave a voice message)

Email:                cam.battaglia at gmail.com

     All meaningful change begins with the right aspirations--Ken Yamashita

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