[Loch-soilleir] Otters and Urchins

Kimberly Langhans sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 08:58:39 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to compile a complete list of recipients of the Otter, which is the 
Loch's local, non-armigerous recognition of those who excel in the arts, and the 
Urchin, which is the Loch's local, non-armigerous recognition for children whose 
contributions have served to better the Barony. These awards are not tracked in 
the kingdom Order of Precedence, so our webminister, Anne, has graciously agreed 
to track them on our website once we have put together as complete a list as we 

Here's what I have at the moment:


09/15/1992 Michael of the Loch
06/??/1994 Edwina Dirks Sterne
06/??/1994 Theresa Angellica Ribera de Siracusa
05/19/2001 Alexis la Bouche
05/19/2001 Leofric Ealdricson
05/20/2006 Clara von Ulm05/20/2006 Madog of Galstonbury
05/20/2006 Willoc mac Muiredaig
10/07/2006 Mahearra Ad'Lauria d'Hexam
??/??/?? Sara Penrose (will check my scroll to find the date)


07/23/1994 Myfawnwy ferch Owain
05/19/2001 Ailech05/19/2001 Belle de la Tour
05/19/2001 Donchad
05/19/2001 Kaitlin
??/??/???? Elen ferch Rhodri

If you can help fill in any of the blanks in the dates above, or if you can 
provide me with information about other recipients of these honors, please let 
me know. I'm sure we are missing a few. 

Even if you don't know the date that someone received their award, any info you 
can provide will be helpful (name, year, who was Baron at the time, whatever).

I'd also be interested to hear any history behind the creation and naming of 
these awards. 

Thanks in advance for your help,


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