ANST-Announce - Canton of Glaslyn's Defender Tourney

Richard Culver rbculver at
Fri Apr 6 06:18:26 PDT 2001

Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding, herlad for the folk of Glaslyn, does send 
greetings to the people of Ansteorra.

   The Folk of Glaslyn are proud to announce a one day tournement for our 
Defender of the Flame and Keeper of the Flame.

   This great day will held on the 5th of May, 2001 at Camp Burnet in 
Southlake, TX (directions in a forth coming announcement).

Chivalric Defender:  First round is a single elimination 2 out of three, but 
no need to worry about a short day of fighting.  The second will be 2 
opponents from the defeated, wielding single weapons, against one, their 
chioce of style, from the winners.  Each round thereafter the number of 
opponents goes up by one in each round until we have a winner.

Rapier Defender:  Also 2 of three single elimination for the first round.  
In the next rounds, a set of circles of various diameter will be used.  In 
these round one defender will go against two opponents.  The defender will 
not be able to leave the circle and must defeat his or her attackers.  The 
attackers try to wither kill the defender or move him or her from the 
circle.  Each round, the defender will have less and less space to use.

Keeper of the Flame:  This honour will be determined by the vote of the 
Ladies of the canton.  It is to award those fighters who exhibit the best 
qualities of chivalry and exceptional spirit on the field.

   Site will open at 9 AM and will close 8ish PM.  There will be a tavern on 

   The site is wet with period containers.

   Cost is $6 for adults and children 13 years old and older, $3 for 
children from 5 - 12, and children under 5 are free.  All appropriate 
waivers required.

  A small court to present the winners will be held after the heavy list.

   Look for further announcements as time closes on the event.

Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding

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