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Mon Apr 9 19:45:45 PDT 2001

Unto the populous of Ansteorra,

Rosenfeld's first youth rapier tourney was a huge success.  We had six
combatants full of youthful energy and enthusiasm.  They were Margarete
d'Aubernon and Taran ap Vaughan from Rosenfeld, Lady Rosalind Moondragon,
Lord Ian MacConacher, and Jennifer MacConacher from Bryn Gwlad, and Lord
Joseph McClennan from Border March.

The tournament was held in the Swiss 5 style, and such was the skill 
of the combatants that the fighting went almost non-stop for two and a 
half hours.  At the conclusion of the Swiss 5, three of the 
rapierists, Lord Ian MacConacher, Lord Joseph McClennan, and Taran ap
Vaughan were tied for first place with 4 wins and 1 loss apiece.  Two
attempts to produce a victor in the round robin finals showed just how
evenly matched these three young men are. We were forced to move to a double
elimination from which Lord Joseph McClennan emerged victorious.  

VIVAT Lord Joseph!

A rule of the tournament was that each youth be sponsored by a Don, Peer, or
Noble.  The Shire of Rosenfeld wishes to thank HRM Saereid, Duchess Julia de
Montoya, Don Robin of Gilwell, Don Ansgar von Aachen, Dona Gwenneth of
Glamorgan, and Mistress Rhiannon ferch Cian for sponsoring the youths in
this tournament.

These youths comported themselves, both on and off the field, with 
honor, grace, and style.  Additionally, they displayed true 
comradeship.  The parents, local groups, and sponsors of these youths have
every reason to be proud.

VIVAT the heirs of Ansteorran Rapier combat!

Lord Crinan mac Eoin
Shire of Rosenfeld

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