ANST-Announce - Blackfox Auction for the Blackstar

gtaylor gtaylor at
Tue Apr 17 13:28:53 PDT 2001

>  I would challenge all of Ansteorra's artisan's and
> craftsmen to donate a item for this auction.  Either a piece you already
> have or a promissory for something to be made to order in the future.
> Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald, op

Okay....I'll pick up the gauntlet.  Myself, and whatever other Bjornsborg
stained glass artists that I can recruit into helping me (we have lots), will
donate to the Steppes auction, a 18x24 inch, painted stained glass panel of the
high bidders coat of arms.  Red (as long as its not Wismach brand..which turns
orange in a kiln) is fine.  If your arms are predominently black, and you'd want
something transparent that would actually look good in glass, we could also be
pursuaded to make something else of equivalent size and similar number of

Which reminds me...whoever purchased similar in last year's Bjornsborg silent
auction, please come forward.  Our auctionaire didn't keep records of who won
it...and nobody's come forward with the certificate to redeem their window...

Dona Isobel
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