ANST-Announce - Auction for the Blackstar

Anthony Lackey catan at
Tue Apr 17 22:12:32 PDT 2001

Maleah wrote:

> Sir Burke,
>     Thank you for the segue into what I had planned to announce this
> morning. That said here goes:
> Namron will be hosting an auction for the Blackstar at our Beltane games the
> 4th-6th of May. There will be many wonderful things up for grabs.

    Talk about a timely segue...the perfect opportunity to make known (and
stir up interest in) an auction contribution planned for the next Blackstar
    I had planned to have this at Northern Regional for the auction, but a minor
back injury stymied my plans to attend at the eleventh hour.  My lord husband
and I are members of both of William's households and are fortunate enough to
possess much of his art.  Among these is an *original art* page of "Vixen's
Keep", lavishly matted in red and gold brocade and framed behind glass.
Needless to say, there will be no more examples of William's art such as this
available ever again.  My husband and I agreed that there could be no finer way
of honoring William's memory than to donate
this beautiful piece to a Black Star auction.  Namron Beltane would be an
excellent venue.  I plan to attend (barring injuries etc.), but regardless, I
mean for the art to be there.  I hope there will be a lot of interest in bidding
to the benefit of the Black Star,
one of William's dearest causes.  See you there, and bring the checkbooks!

                                                           Baroness Catrin ferch
Gwilym, O.L.

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