Why is everyone so silent?

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Mon Feb 26 20:23:08 PST 2001

So far every GW I have been to I camped in a differant random location.  At 
Pennsic we always have a strict land alotment per group with X amount for 
each person and X amount more communal space for the group.  I do not know 
if this is the case with GW.

What I am tring to say is, do we have to talk to a Land-o-crat of some sort 
to get a bit of land designated for the barony as a group, or is it first 
come first serve as it (apperently) was in years past?

Not trying to beat the issue into the ground, just getting the ducks in a 
row so to speak.


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Unfortunately we will be unable to attend Gulf Wars, Ulf cannot get the time
away from work right now, he has a project going with a company in Poland
(no rotten jokes please, they've already done them all). Both His Excellency
and I agree with HL Annabelle. We would like to see the Barony camp together
at events as much as possible and have talked about reviving the old
Baronial port-a-feast ( for those of you who don't know how this works, talk
to me and I'll explain). We tried this at Eldern this year and it worked
quite well. The camaraderie was great and left everyone I've talked to with
a very special memory of the event. Any more positive ideas out there?


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