NR - Border Revels II-Frivolity revisited

Maleah maleah at
Mon Feb 26 21:45:42 PST 2001

Speaking of events, Border Revels II will be hosted by V'tavia this year
(somewhere close to Wichita we're told, that's only 2 hours up the road) and
we are searching for a date even as we speak. Namron will be moving St.
Thompson's Collegium to this event and we will be needing teachers so those
of you who practice the Arts be looking for a tap on the shoulder. We will
be coordinating with Calontir to bring some of their learned people down to
teach as well. A different perspective never hurts anything and will enrich
us all.
    When we have more details we'll post them here and in the Black Star so
be watching. We look forward to more of the same good time we had last
November. With your enthusiasm and support we know we can show our neighbors
how to party Ansteorran style and maybe learn a bit from them as well.
    Those of you from Calontir, please post this to the appropriate
list in your fair Kingdom. Thanks.

Until later,
Ulf and Maleah
Baron and Baroness of Namron

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