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University of Oklahoma has Namron and The University of Arkansas Does not.
University of Oklahoma is in Ansteorra and The University of Arkansas  is
We want you here Kit.
 Humm Kit likes cats. (Kit Cat)
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Kit is working on doing some research on various Universities and with her
addiction to the SCA, she is using that as a 'major' factor of her 'home
away from home' decision.  One of the bonuses will be SCA cats to visit
while she is in the dorms and can't have pets.

The University of Oklahoma and The University of Arkansas are two she is
considering.  I am sending this to the two lists I am on with Grimfells and
Namron members on them, (someone please send it on to the Namron
list).  She has so many different interests that having an idea of what she
wants to do is a bit overwhelming, so I am working on getting her to look
into different programs now (hoping to advert a bit of the ever changing
major adventure).  This way she can have an idea of what programs are
strongest at which schools and all that.

So, would you please send any advice you have on either of these schools
and their programs, her address is kitty at swbell.net  Major areas she is
interested in; Anthropology, History, Drama and Art.  A major bonus would
be a program with a strong Shakepearian emphasis.



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