[Namron] alcohol question

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Sun Dec 28 21:58:58 PST 2003

This has got to be the place to go with this question, as it has to do with 
alcohol.  I've been doing research tonight about raising my HDL level, as 
it is around 30 and the accepted lower level is either 35 or 40 depending 
on who you read.  A serving of alcohol a day is going to be my best 
starting point from what I've read, they recomend exercise but the research 
study said that untill it was running over 7 miles a week they didn't 
measure much change and that just isn't in my current reality.  So more 
monounsaturated fats and moderate alcohol consumption look the best bet, in 
addition to stopping the one med I had been on that lowers HDL.

So, now I turn to you experts in the field.  I have never drank much, 
basically as a matter of taste-I don't care for things that taste like 
alcohol.  At Protectorate I got ahold of a bottle of Blackberry Merlot that 
I loved, so figure if I could find something that tastes similer to that I 
would be fine.  I'm on Atkins and the wines are fine and whisky would be 
fine, but none of the surypy liqures that I like would fit well-drambui or 
shnapps.  I need a real low carb count on whatever I find.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions,
Susan the Curious
who must have tasted 6 or 7 different things at Protectorate

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