[Namron] alcohol question

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Mon Dec 29 01:08:23 PST 2003

Duncan wrote:
>but as for the wine at protectorate, it was Black Raspberry Merlot, and 
>you can mug Matthias for more of it... lol

Ok, I know who to mug... and as to Cellach's-yes, a great thanks to the 
many who provided plenty.  Whenever you all are getting together for a 
tasting down there, let me know and I would like to join you.

 From the responces, I'm guessing I didn't ask the question part 
well.  After much reading, I know that adding in moderate alcohol 
consumption will help with this problem.  So as not cause conflict with 
being on Atkins, I need to focus on either wines or (I think the term is 
distilled spirits)-whisky from past tastings being the one I like the 
best.  I'm just looking for recomendations of things to try, sort of like 
why some people like Tullys and others Jamisons.

I do know I liked Matthias' Merlot and will need to get ahold of him for 
some or even better, the how to for it.

Thanks guys,

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