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If I were to suggest a wine similar to my famous (infamous?) merlot, I'd say
try Wild Vines.  It's a fruity wine, and quite tasty in my opinion.  It is
also a very inexpensive wine, so regular consumption would be easy on the
pursestrings.  It comes in several varieties (including a couple of reds and
a couple of whites), so there is a little bit of choice.  If you are one of
the mythical (and annoying) wine snobs, who has honest to goodness TASTE
when it comes to wine, you may not like this vintage (one of these people of
taste adn culture actually made gagging and spitting noises after tasting
some of Wild Vines at my house).  But if you are a average person who enjoys
a nice fruity wine, try it.

Matthias the Brewer
Senior Pervert
Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners and Mazers

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Duncan wrote:
>but as for the wine at protectorate, it was Black Raspberry Merlot, and
>you can mug Matthias for more of it... lol

Ok, I know who to mug... and as to Cellach's-yes, a great thanks to the
many who provided plenty.  Whenever you all are getting together for a
tasting down there, let me know and I would like to join you.

 From the responces, I'm guessing I didn't ask the question part
well.  After much reading, I know that adding in moderate alcohol
consumption will help with this problem.  So as not cause conflict with
being on Atkins, I need to focus on either wines or (I think the term is
distilled spirits)-whisky from past tastings being the one I like the
best.  I'm just looking for recomendations of things to try, sort of like
why some people like Tullys and others Jamisons.

I do know I liked Matthias' Merlot and will need to get ahold of him for
some or even better, the how to for it.

Thanks guys,

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