[Namron] alcohol question

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Mon Dec 29 10:22:13 PST 2003

At 04:13 AM 12/29/2003, you wrote:
>In addition, there has been mention of mugging me for some of my wine.
>There are two versions of mugging.  One involves a sap or blackjack hitting
>my head, while the other involves general kissing, groping, fondling, and me
>getting to (at least) second base.  I'd like to state my preference for the
>latter definition.
>Thank you.
>Matthias the Brewer
>Senior Pervert
>Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners and Mazers

Ok, so I see why you are the senior pervert and as I am very married, I 
shall try the Wild Vines...  I have tried wines for years and they have 
just never been something I cared for, but your Merlot I just shared 
niggidly amounts with 3 other people and happily drank the rest of the 
bottle myself.

Will go looking and the price range is just what I need, thanks,

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