[Namron] alcohol question

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Mon Dec 29 17:52:51 PST 2003

Matthias wrote:
>If I were to suggest a wine similar to my famous (infamous?) merlot, I'd say
>try Wild Vines.  It's a fruity wine, and quite tasty in my opinion.  It is
>also a very inexpensive wine, so regular consumption would be easy on the

Well, I made what had to be one of the more humerous trips to the Liquor 
store today.  The Wild Vines must have added fruit juice, as it had a high 
carb count.  I ended up picking a brandy and a lime gin and then picked up 
a little Long Island Iced Tea set at the check out counter, so I have 7 
bottles to play with.  Tonight I had a shot of the lime gin with diet tonic 
water and a splash of Triple Sec and it was good, tasted like 
Limeade.  (just went hunting and found that Triple Sec has 12.5 g of carbs 
an oz-so will keep it to a small splash)

Ok, I shall bore you no more with my 'beginner's guide to drinking' but 
wanted to follow up.  Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
Susan the Curious
btw, my child has little hair-feel free to tease her if you see her at any 
of the next several events.  We think the veils will stay on due to the 
velcro effect-though Aethelstan said he could rubber cement them on if need 

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