[Namron] alcohol question

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Dec 30 00:15:18 PST 2003

Brandy is a little sweet, but is pleasant as a sipping liquor.  I find a
shot of brandy in my coffee an excellent way to reduce mild headaches.

Wines are spoiled booze.  Avoid them.

Real beer goes very well with most food, and also makes a nice marinade
for steak.  Unfortunately, beer equals carbs. In fact, booze equals
carbs.  Find a carb guide that gives you the values so you can get one 
that fits your lifestyle.

Finally, for the true believer, there is hard liquor.  Bourbons like
Jack Daniels often have a bit of a bite to them that also lend
themselves well to mixing and to cooking beef.  Tully is good, but is
only a faint shadow of the original brew from a couple of decades ago
and now faces competition from other Irish whiskeys.  Canada makes some
decent whiskeys at a reasonable price, my favorite being Black Velvet as
it is smooth enough to tolerate straight up. (That is unusual in a cheap
whiskey.)  Rum is a liquor with a brown sugar taste.  It is great as a
mixer and good for many deserts.

There are "fancier" things like Irish Cream, which goes well in coffee
and some teas.  Mead is, of course, what the gods drink. Ja-ja.


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