[Namron] Guess what? :o)

Master Tiernan tiernan at angelsfury.net
Mon Jan 13 13:37:51 PST 2003

Y'all will never guess what! ;o)

So, since you won't be able to guess, I'm gonna tell ya! I moved to Norman
last weekend, and am now living just off of Highway 9 in the Oak Tree
apartments. Wheeeeeeeee... and am now starting the ever wonderful job search
in Norman... hehe, getting ready to head out the door to go see a few places
about giving me money for working for em (I'd of course be more than willing
to just take their money but most places want ya to work for it). Anyone
wanna hire a poor, handsome, and tattoo'd man (who is also cute and fluffy!)
with lots of computer experience and great social skills???? :o)

But I am now a semi-official Namronian (IF I can ever afford the membership
dues, I will become official of course!)... so I hope to see y'all at
Populace and other get togethers!!!

Till we meet again,

Seth... who needs to REALLY research his name and stuff...
(more mundanely known as Greg Weible)
tiernan at angelsfury.net

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