[Namron] What happened to Deenie's Scroll????

Sjonna Whitsitt avalon_remembered at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 13 14:39:06 PST 2003


Welcome, welcome, welcome.  I'm glad to get to welcome
you back, since you were one of the first to welcome
me a year and a half ago.  You've been missed ... the
Infamy of the Goddess of the Thorns has waivered
without the mercurical* tongue of her Palliden!

Hugs to you and your lovely lady,
Signora Bianca Sereni
aka Ace's Lady
aka Goddess of the Thorns

*mercurical (Mercury was you know was messanger to the
Gods, guide for souls to the underworld and god, <in
his own right> of eloquence.)

--- TheSpatlord at aol.com wrote:
> Figures...
> Annais ate it. Next thing you know, she'll be
> drinkin' ink. This is why
> scribes and illuminators have that rather dangerous
> look about them, they
> tend to regard nonconsumables as tasty. Too much
> time alone mumbling to their
> quills, I think.
> BTW, I'm back.
> ...Sigh
> Finnican
>  (yes, Finnican. Thats how heralds spell Finnegan or
> Fionnagain in the 9th
> century)
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