[Namron] OU question

Nancy Peay npeay at hotmail.com
Sat May 17 16:22:45 PDT 2003

>I don't know if anyone else mentioned that there is a pretty fair bus
>on the campus, as well.

Yes, there is, though it is more useful for getting around town or getting
from residential or parking areas to the main campus than for going between
buildings.  The bicycle suggestion is a good one -- I have bad knees, and
that's how I got to class.  Also, scheduling classes with gaps in between is
helpful.  There are now plenty of benches on campus, and given enough time
between classes, the walk can be broken up into shorter bursts.

Usually, the first year or so of college involves the most walking, when you
are taking classes in different subjects to satisfy general requirements.
Once you are concentrating on a major, more of the clasees are clustered in
a few adjacent buildings (with some exceptions, depending on classroom space
available).  She might be able to get some of these general requirements out
of the way (and thus cut down on the walking) by "testing out" of courses by
advanced standing criedit, or by taking something by correspondence; it may
even be possible to take some courses online.  Also, look into intersession
classes (between semesters) -- you're usually taking only one or two classes
at a time, so there is much less walking involved.

Hope this helps.


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