[Namron] OU question

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Sat May 17 16:41:57 PDT 2003

>Yes, there is, though it is more useful for getting around town or getting
>from residential or parking areas to the main campus than for going between
>buildings.  The bicycle suggestion is a good one -- I have bad knees, and
>that's how I got to class.  Also, scheduling classes with gaps in between is
>helpful.  There are now plenty of benches on campus, and given enough time
>between classes, the walk can be broken up into shorter bursts.
>Usually, the first year or so of college involves the most walking, when you
>are taking classes in different subjects to satisfy general requirements.
>Once you are concentrating on a major, more of the clasees are clustered in
>a few adjacent buildings (with some exceptions, depending on classroom space
>available).  She might be able to get some of these general requirements out
>of the way (and thus cut down on the walking) by "testing out" of courses by
>advanced standing criedit, or by taking something by correspondence; it may
>even be possible to take some courses online.  Also, look into intersession
>classes (between semesters) -- you're usually taking only one or two classes
>at a time, so there is much less walking involved.
>Hope this helps.

Thanks Selva,

She is planning on the Honors Dorm, so will have some classes there-which
will help on the distance issue.  As for a bike, I have heard of several
friends having horrid bike wrecks on that campus-not sure that she has the
coordination to ride through that many people.  Hopefully she will go visit
campus next year with Adena and can get a better idea for this.

Thanks everyone and hope you all are having a great day as I type,


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