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Hey Andrew,
 Is that going to be your SCA persona name, or just what we should call you 
for the time being?  Anyway, I met you at Pop (I was the one always with 
child) Do you have a cheese press?  Bread and cheese go very well with beer 
and wine. <grin> Anyway, don't listen to anyone that says that I'm a cruel 
sadist...I'm a creative sadist, and even then only to those who deserve it.  
Oh, and Mathias...I challenge you to a contest of the perverted mind for the 
title of Senior Pervert (words only, I'm not going to provide the barony with 
cheap thrills through this contest ;)) Well, now that my business is 
finished, I will bid you all a good night. Don't let us scare you off Andrew.

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> Hello All,
> My name is Andrew Harness, and I have recently come to Namron fromt 
> he middle  kingdom.  I am fairly new to the SCA, but am looking ot 
> help out where I  can. I attended the populace meeting last 
> Wednesday, and had a wonderful  time.  I am looking forward to 
> getting to know everyone that I can, and  helping wherever help may 
> be needed.  I am willing to give anything a  try, but will be best 
> suited to cooking as I am a Catering Chef.  I do  not plan on 
> putting bids in for events any time soon, but would love to  support 
> those whom might be in need of a knowledgeable hand, or just someone 
>  to do dishes.  At any rate, I'd like to attend any get togethers 
> that  might be happening, whether it be fighter practice, or 
> painting scrolls, or  garb night at someone's house.  I may not be 
> much of an artist, or any  good at sewing, but I can be taught.  
> Anyhow, I look forward to get! ting  to know you all, feel free to 
> email me at bragtimyste at yahoo.com
> Thanks,
> Andrew Harness
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