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Fri Jan 9 23:43:53 PST 2004

Hello All,
              My name is Andrew Harness, and I have recently come to Namron 
fromt he middle kingdom.  I am fairly new to the SCA, but am looking ot help 
out where I can. I attended the populace meeting last Wednesday, and had a 
wonderful time.  I am looking forward to getting to know everyone that I can, and 
helping wherever help may be needed.  I am willing to give anything a try, but 
will be best suited to cooking as I am a Catering Chef.  I do not plan on 
putting bids in for events any time soon, but would love to support those whom 
might be in need of a knowledgeable hand, or just someone to do dishes.  At any 
rate, I'd like to attend any get togethers that might be happening, whether it 
be fighter practice, or painting scrolls, or garb night at someone's house.  I 
may not be much of an artist, or any good at sewing, but I can be taught.  
Anyhow, I look forward to get! ting to know you all, feel free to email me at 
bragtimyste at yahoo.com   
                                 Andrew Harness

Andrew just a couple of things that you should know. 1. Do not believe 
anything told about Denee and Kyna, it will be wrong, the truth is ever so much 
worse than you can imagine.  2. Shiek abdul, Baron Ulf and myself are coffee 
fiends, treat accordingly. 3. Haldor claims to be the emperor, just send the bribes 
to me and I will make sure that her gets his fair share. 4. Bribes to the 
barony and the kingdom go thru me.......more lies..er items later
Ld Terric
Your seneschal
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