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Andrew just a couple of things that you should know. 1. Do not believe anything told about Denee and Kyna, it will be wrong, the truth is ever so much worse than you can imagine.  2. Shiek abdul, Baron Ulf and myself are coffee fiends, treat accordingly. 3. Haldor claims to be the emperor, just send the bribes to me and I will make sure that her gets his fair share. 4. Bribes to the barony and the kingdom go thru me.......more lies..er items later
Ld Terric
Your seneschal



  Let me make sure that I have this right.(Wouldnt want to mess up the protical)This means that I need to bring Ulf's pie to you as well as Maleahs shortbread? Or do I just take it all to the brewer guild?(hmmmm...maybe, if I hear some offers of bribes of mead)

  On a more fun note my move is finally official and the house hunt has begun!!!!!!!(Oh joy) If anyone knows of or has seen a resonably priced house in the Norman area please drop me an e-mail and let me know about it!!! I want to get this done ASAP so I can be down there on a full time basis!(EGADS now you'll never be rid of me)





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