[Namron] in Norman

isabeaux de narbonne the_one_and_only_wicachu at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 18:05:29 PST 2004

Allo there folks. The Beaux is going to be working in Norman on Monday and Wednesday ( mebbe Thursday) of this week. Its inventory week down there and in Midwest city so I'll be running back and forth between the two places this week.... yay. Come bug me ifen ye can. 
 Going to try and go to the birthday revel next weekend... been to....3? events in a year. Eww.  Might daytrip it unless theres crash space somewhere. Anyone taking the smalls? Mine is pining for his herd in Namron. Mine is also suddenly missing his top two teeth. You'd think he'd slow down eating... but no. Worked 60 hours this week moving the enid store. I'm sore stem to stern BUT the district manager says I'm ready for a store!! So now its just a matter of time, mebbe a month? I'd like to get down/over to see everyone 'specially if I'm moving away in a month . 
see everyone soon I hope-

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