[Namron] OT: Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005

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Muriel, you cute little rabble rouser.

But you raise a good point.  Mainly it's because of my lack of clarity.  I
have absolutely NO objection to women in the military.  I just don't like
the idea of women in ground combat.  It's a very nasty thing.  Women in
support roles are a great idea.  This allows them to contribute to the
effort, but within a role more suited to their physiological limitations.
And I'll even admit to the idea that some women ARE suitable for ground
combat.  I just haven't met one.  Jessica Lynch is an example of what can
happen.  The whole country was thrilled with the idea of rescuing her.  Not
rescuing a captured soldier, but rescuing a FEMALE soldier.  (And by the
way, I was just as thrilled with the idea as everyone else.  I firmly
beleive that women should be protected, spoiled, and have that spot behind
their knees tickled regularly.)  What I object to is that the female part of
the equation was so significant and was so emphasized.

Now, when women are allowed in non-combat roles, events like Jessica Lynch
will happen again.  Remember, she was in supply (or was it motor transport?
I can't remember).  And was captured from a supply convoy as I recall.

If a draft is enacted, I think it should be applied across the board to all
people.  No matter their race, sex, orientation, or how much money/political
power their Daddy has.

And Starship Troopers only had a couple of good ideas, and was a decent
read.  The movie was a piece of crap.

I hope this clarified my position, which I just inadequately wrote.  My
apologies to any I offended inadvertantly.  In NO way, do I believe that
woman are inferior or superior to men.  I just think they are different, and
should be treated with an appropriate set of rules.  Or, you could say that
MEN are different and should be treated with an appropriate set of rules.
For example, I think a man's status SHOULD be impacted by his ability to
belch.  And I only know of one woman who could out-belch me regularly.  By
the same token, a man with significant cleavage scares the whatsis out of

Did I misspeak any other points?

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Uncontrollable urge to stir the pot, sorry...

Did anyone but me notice that Matt implied here that women shouldn't be
citizens?  I mean, no women in the military and mandatory military duty to
become a citizen... hmmm...

I suppose we could have women limited to non-combat roles, but less logical
people might  not come to that conclusion.

Ilogical laws sometimes get made because people fail to follow their
reasoning all the way to its conclusion.  If we try to think our own
opinions out to their ultimate conclusions and then vote, perhaps we can
help limit the passing of illogical laws.*

A draft with no gender boundaries is certainly an "equitable" idea, but the
idea of any draft at all is certainly not going to be a popular topic.  How
about an equally gender-equitable absence of draft?

*note:  the statements in this particular paragraph are purposefully vague
and do not represent a judgement of any kind about Matt's statement or the
proposed law.
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I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years.

I was in a war (Saudia Arabia and Kuwait, 1990-1991)

I don't like the idea of ANYONE in combat.  But I'm too much of a realist to
think that will ever happen.

I don't like the idea of women in combat.  Mainly based upon my experiences.
I did not encounter a single woman in a combat zone whom I respected as a
Warrior.  Several I respected as a leader, or as a person.  But never as a

I know of a case where a Captain (yes, the fine honorable officer corps) who
was arrested with over $20,000 cash on her person in Saudi Arabia before the
land war started.  The worlds oldest trade.  She was shipped out and kicked
out.  Justly.

In a rear area (Al-Jabal, on the coast of Saudi Arabia), EVERY woman Marine
(officially referred to as a WM, more popularly referred to as many other
things) lived in a special area.  Surrounded with armed guards.  Every time
one of them went ANYWHERE, they had an armed guard with them.  The head.
The chow hall.  To the Batallion COC.  Why?  Because there were concerns of
rape and safety (from both civilian and military).  Females do not belong in
a combat zone.  Women have special requirements and health issues that are
awkward (at the very least) in a combat zone.  Did I mention that while
everyone in country had at least one weapon, only E-6 and above had
ammunition?  This implies to me that women need special protection?  In a
war zone?  Give me a break.  Everyone in a combat zone should be able to
protect themselves.  This wasn't even near the border.  In was in a REAR
area.  For all their mouthings, those in charge also felt that woman do not
belong in combat areas.  Else why would they need the guards?

I realize some of you will disagree with me.  Good!!!  That is one of the
rights I was willing to die for (ok, but I wasn't very enthusiastic about
the dying part) to protect!!  Want to discuss it?  I'd love it.  I'll
respect everyone's right to have an opinion.  And I'd love to debate it with
you!!  I have LOTS of opinions, and I'd be happy to debate almost all of

Women's Liberation?  Equal Rights?  It'll never happen.  It can't happen.
Biological reasons.  The rules of Man allow for these concepts.  And in a
perfect world, we'd follow the rules of Man.  But Darwin follows the rules
of Nature.  And in a combat zone, Darwin IS God.

Oh, and about the draft?  It's good for you.  Builds character.  Starship
Troopers was about a society who learned what freedome was.  By fighting for
it, and by dying for it.  Only after that, could you become a citizen.
Heinlen felt that citizenship was a privilage to be earned.  Not awarded for
surviving puberty.  I wish it were closer to reality.

I hope I made someone at least question their beliefs, and think a little

And as Steven Tyler said, "Life's a journey, not a destination."

OK, I'm off my soapbox.

For now.

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