Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 20:51:01 PDT 2004

>Go to the following link and choose "Manuals and Reference".  There, you
>will find links that may answer your question.

>If you have an issue with Knight's Marshal's business, I'd suggest you
>contact your upline directly.

Do you not read english? I will quote from my former email:

"I want to know why I wasn't told when I asked"

For one thing, it doesn't specify about the waivers in the manual. for 
another thing, the "WAVIER SECRETARY" is not on the marshallate website. In 
fact, the website says that all I have to do is report on a montly basis to 
my regional marshal. (and the baronial, since we are an incipient Canton. it 
doesn't even MENTION waviers.

>Rather, your
>apparent unwillingness to actually work for the answers to your
>questions is your very own personal malady.

When I ask individual people, I get no answers. Just like you, answering the 
message with more drama as opposed to actually fixing something. did you 
even look at that website? no, you assumed that it would have the answer 
which I seek.

>Complaining at high volume that someone should encumber themselves with
>the responsibility of telling you how the office of Knight's Marshal
>operates within Ansteorra is utterly unhelpful.  If you wish to learn
>the answer to that question, you should do your homework like everyone
>else.  I'll do part of it for you, the rest is to be accomplished at
>your leisure.

Usually, when I email the general list about things, I get answers. I DID do 
my homework, and I DID ask. I was told wrong, appearantly, and no one seems 
to know the correct answer. I thought that perhaps someone who isn't in the 
current "up-line" might know. And as I said before... you assumed that I 
haven't checked the marshallate website. Your arrogance in this reply does 
NOT impress me.

>In trying to chastise the Baronial Knight's Marshal publicly, you've
>achieved only the opposite.  The purpose of the Barony is not to suffer
>some compulsory burden of providing you with information.

I was NOT trying to chastise the Baronial Knight's Marshal. And if the 
purpose of the Barony is not to suffer some compulsory burden of providing 
WITH YOUR USE OF LARGE WORDS), then what is the barony here for? Can YOU 
assure me that NO ONE on the baronial mailing list knows the answer to my 
question? is it YOUR place to "defend" the mailing list, as it's appearant 
you're doing so? Are YOU answering for the entire barony of Namron? I think 


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