Cellach Ferguson cellach at breezykilt.com
Thu Jun 10 18:24:28 PDT 2004

Duncan, let's both breathe a bit.  Let me explain further:

If you can't get the answer you feel you need from whichever officer is
responsible in this case, then you still have options.

In most cases, an upline has an upline has an upline.  Search for the
answers.  Don't give up at level one and make a public outcry.  Keep
digging and keep investigating until you find the information you need.

If the responsible officer doesn't have the answer, then the general
populace on the list likely doesn't either.  In my public admonition of
your message, I was simply trying to make the point that everybody on
God's green acre probably doesn't wish to know that there is a reporting
problem.  They simply want to know that their officers are working to
correct any problems they find as efficiently as possible.

As for the bickering that you and I have fallen into, let's stop!  We've
never done this before and I surely don't want to start now.  Therefore,
I have a proposition.  As you've likely read, there is a revel at my
house Saturday night.  I know it's a bit of a drive for you, but, why
don't you come out and let's empty a few mugs?  We can hammer out the
bugs and get back to the important things like making fun of Halldor's
tights again!

If two people who are passionate about the way we play didn't ever
argue, this would be a BORING game.


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