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Eithne MacEwan raviachekov at yahoo.com
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Hello everyone! It's me Eithne and for an essay for English I've got to interview people about a service project and I chose to use the care packages for the troops. If you're interested, please email me privately and I can give you my phone number or we can do it via the net and I can ask you the questions. I'll post them here anyway. However, in addition to the information provided in the interview, I'll need both of your names (persona and Mundane) as well as what you do mundanely. 

Here are the questions:

   How long have you been involved in the SCA?
   What is your Mundane name and what do you do mundanely?
   How often does the SCA do a service project like this?
   What are some examples of other service projects that are done?
   How many SCAdians are overseas fighting? From this kingdom? From this barony?
   Where do these packages go?
   Who specifically receives these packages? (As I recall they were going to a specific military group that was commanded by one of ours...I just can't remember the name.)
   How many are under his command?
   What are some of the most requested items on the list?
   How did the Barony of Namron get involved in sending packages to troops?
   How often are they being sent out?
   Has the Barony done this in other times of war?

If you can't answer all of these, please answer what you can and then send it back to me. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to help me with this. I'll take what I've got by Monday. 


Thanks again!


Eithne MacEwen of Skarrgard

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