[Namron] Origins of Our Trebuchet Design-A Question From Annabelle

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Thu Nov 4 13:25:18 PST 2004

Annabelle brought up a very good point when she asked if our Trebuchet is
based on French, English or some other design.  We came up with a "generic"
design that should actually be at home on just about any Medieval
battlefield where Trebuchets may have been used.

Here's a "30 second history lesson" that may be helpful.  Gravity powered
throwing engines were invented by the Chinese very early in the First
Millenium and by about 1000 AD, had migrated to the Middle East.  There,
they were discovered by the Crusaders who brought the designs to Europe, and
somewhere along the way, the name "Trebuchet" was given to these efficient
machines of destruction.  By the 1300s, engineers throughout Europe were
developing bigger and better Trebuchets.  But, beginning in about 1400,
these mighty engines of war gradually faded into history as gunpowder
weapons were perfected.

Now keep in mind although "003" is being designed and built in Namron, she
will also represent all of Ansteorra.

In Service
Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen

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