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Amanda Townsley westerdayaddams at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 12 11:24:19 PST 2004

Just a friendly reminder, we have many newcomers in our area now and im sure more in the Namron area and we are still in need of Mentors!  If you have been active for a couple of years or more and are willing to take a newbie in your area under your wing, let me or Grainne know ASAP!  also please continue to send me emails of skills you are willing to teach so we can get some of our very eager newcomers off on a running start!  From what i saw last weekend, Hatur is doing an excellent job teaching newbies and oldies (but are they golden?) the fine points and painful blunt points of heavy weapons (hehe), so ya'll know who to seek out who is giving lessons----
But if you know an Art or Science or a little something about others, let me know.
For the record, you will not be forced upon your newcomer and they will not be forced onyou... you would simply serve as a contact to answer questions and get them started, unless you actually want to go all out and teach a class, and if you would like to venture down to Skarrgard for the purposes of teaching, we and others will open up homes, the library will reserve a room, etc..if you need a venue. so if ya know what you're talking about, dont be afraid to tell others who dont!
thanks for your continued support in this effort, 
Salerna Bowman of Wolfstar
Acting Hospitaler, Skarrgard

"Live as if you are going to die tomorrow,
   Learn as if you are going to live forever." 
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