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Tue Oct 4 14:21:49 PDT 2005

Here! Here ! Mistress Stacia.

Now, my two cents.  Those of us who have been playing
this game for oh-so-many years remember events where
we were lucky to have any type of sanitary
facility.... Flushies were a luxury.  Hot showers,
unheard of. 

We had our share of variously challenged people from
early on, and they learned to accomadate themselves as
necessary. Sometimes that meant missing an event since
there was no way to for them to accomodate themselves
even with the help of their friends.

Over time our game has grown.  We are open and
accepting of anyone who wishes to play and contribute
whatever they have to this game/dream.  The number of
challenged members has grown.  Most of us are not
well-to-do and site fees are kept as low as
reasonable.  Sometimes that means using a site that
might not be as accomdating to some as another site
might be.

As far as the guild...
Caid, as do many of the more northern kingdoms, tend
to have one-day indoor events.  Such locations are
more easily improved for various mobility and
physically challenged issues.  That is not to say,
camping sites can not be up-graded.

I think the guild could be helpful as a resources for
those who need information.  A person with a new
challenge need to know ways to assit themselves.  The
forum could be a good place to discuss ways to
disguise various forms of assistance.  I don't think
anyone would expect the guild members to ram
information down anyone's throat.  I see as being a
resource for the exchange of ideas and information
very much like, say, the Cooks Guild.

Everyone needs a support system/group, some need just
a little more than others.  It's all good!!

In Service to the Dream,

--- sandra goodrich <tgnst at swbell.net> wrote:

> I've dealt with an interesting spree of personal
> illness since my arrival date some 47 years ago, and
> lived with a mother and two sisters who had and do
> have their own runs with health problems, sigh... No
> whining, It just is, :-)
> We all have things to overcome, I can't think of
> anybody that doesn't have a burden of some type to
> shoulder, :-(
> It's rough or rougher, but its life, and I have made
> an Abdul-ism one of my stock quotes, "Anyday above
> dirt is a good day", :-)
> This has never been an easy hobby. You have to to be
> aware of your own personal needs and pack and plan
> accordingly... You play at any level of sites, under
> any type of weather conditions, with a varying
> degree of comfort options. And all of this with a
> wide spectrum of people participating with us. The
> general affect is that we, for the most part, come
> together to get things done, no matter what is
> thrown at us...
> I've had people in my life with mobility issues,
> varying levels of visual acuity, and with chronic
> illness, some I've lost bit by bit, and some in one
> fell swoop, heavy sigh... And those people all
> brought something to our little game, they earned
> their place for who they were, and we all
> accommodated each other!
> People deserve to be valued for what they bring to
> the table, not categorized for those things that
> they can't change about themselves. And it happens
> here all the time when people get a chance to kick
> off that basket and let their own personal light
> shine!  :-)
> I often forget that Dagmar doesn't see as well as
> I...
> Roane was a brilliant women with lots of information
> on her research--she kept the Greenwoood singers in
> line for years... 
> Mairin ran her kitchen, barded and sewed and painted
> things...
> Bjorn died in his kitchen, cooking... I remember him
> popping a wheely in the moonlight on his scooter 
> and yelling yeehaw as he rode out of sight late one
> night a Taylor lake
> Khadija's last event was spent running tavern, and
> around the fire, and her bald head was a flag of
> honor to many...
> Anya is known for Mooing, Harping, and fabric
> display...
> Alix has mobility issues, and always has her case of
> favorite remedies close incase her body start to
> disagree with her eventing plans, and I'm sure just
> about everyone has seen  what her hands can do with
> a little paint, some beads, and some string...
> And the dang pageant goes on and I could tell tales
> of heroism and or infamy about any number of people
> past or present who outside our game might just be
> labeled as 'disabled', heavy fracking sigh...:-)
> We adjust, and we each do what we can here, and
> sometimes what comes about is truly awesome, and to
> quote Ivar, Battleskald of course, "Because that's
> what Heroes do"...'Stacia :-)

No light shines on the mind protected
No light shines on the fangs neglected
Run with the wolfpack.      (song lyrics)

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