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Tue Oct 4 19:06:25 PDT 2005

--- Lee McGoodwin <etienett at yahoo.com> wrote:

> As far as the guild...
> (snip)
> I think the guild could be helpful as a resources
> for
> those who need information.  A person with a new
> challenge need to know ways to assit themselves. 
> The
> forum could be a good place to discuss ways to
> disguise various forms of assistance.  I don't think
> anyone would expect the guild members to ram
> information down anyone's throat.  I see as being a
> resource for the exchange of ideas and information
> very much like, say, the Cooks Guild.
> Everyone needs a support system/group, some need
> just
> a little more than others.  It's all good!!
> In Service to the Dream,
> Etienett

VERY WELL SAID INDEED!  That is exactly the point. 
Just as chivalry has been pointed out as a place where
some need coaching from the "been there, done that's"
so do those of us who are newly dealing with our
bodies not doing what we want them to or tell them to.
 Sharing how you overcome a hurdle gives us
inspiration to do the same. 

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