[Namron] Prayers needed

Lee McGoodwin etienett at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 21:53:47 PDT 2005

Brothers, sisters, and friends.

Those of you who remember Edenwolf, aka Robbie, Lady
Neeve's youngest daughter, please send all the healing
positive energy you can.  Today, 10-4, she found out
she has fast-growing cancer in her breasts.  It has
already begun effecting her lymphnodes and is
effecting her heart. Yes, this sounds very dire, but
we're not going to think like that.  We will believe
in the power of love and the healing energy Mother
Earth can provide.  We will deny this
negativity/illness and, once again, overcome it.

She will turn 25 on November 27th.

Please light your candles, say your prayers, whatever
you can to send good energy to her.  We all know the
power of our Household's energy when we set our minds
and hearts to it.  

Robbie is planning on, not only, following what the
modern medical world suggests, but also, any other
form of healing energy.  Native American rituals,
Wiccan, whatever positive, healing energy paths she
can find.  They are of Cherokee background and plan on
visiting a Shaman.  She is already doing research on
alternate forms of healing.  Learning what adjustments
to make in her diet, herbs and teas that may aid in
the battle, etc.

Robbie hasn't played in a long time.  She had kids and
there went that "stopping traffic" figure.  She has
been embarrassed for her household to see how,
"well-rounded" she has become.  So, help lift her
spirits, and, let's, once again, beat one of these
illness monsters.

I'm sure she would love hearing from any and all of
you.  At this point in time she is emotionally
fragile, so don't mention cancer.

You may contact her at robbieelizabeth at hotmail.com.

Let me know and I'll get her phsyical address if you
want.  She lives in the Fort Worth area. 

Still howlin'

No light shines on the mind protected
No light shines on the fangs neglected
Run with the wolfpack.      (song lyrics)

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