[Namron] Tavern at Protectorate

Morgana Vandya morgana_vandya at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 21:46:57 PDT 2005

Greetings from the Caravan!

We wish to thank the wonderful people of Namron for
visiting the Tavern while at Protectorate. We had a
wonderful time!

Special thanks to Allon and Maura for inviting the
Caravan to do the Tavern.

And an extra special big THANK YOU to Renee the Red
for helping out in the Tavern.

Protectorate will always have a very special meaning
to me as it was the first event I ever attended as a
member of the SCA. I have done a lot of "First time"
things at this event and each one has been a learning
experience. I thank everyone in Namron for their
encouragement and support.

I remain

Yours In Service,
Lady Morgana Vandya
Caravan of the Weeping Wolf

It's 'Keltic,' not 'Seltic', dammit! The Celtics (with an 's' sound at the front) are a basketball team. 

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