[Namron] Protectorate XXIX

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Oct 10 21:21:03 PDT 2005

Namron's 29th Protectorate had the perfect event weather.  The day was
sunny and warm enough that cloaks were not needed, but cool enough that
only the fighters were breaking a sweat.  The evenings grew quite
chilly, though, and campfires became beacons of friendship and

Their Highnesses Mahdi and Valeria joined us at the list, and His
Highness graciously offered to fight as the very destructive bi.  The
mettle of many were tested, and Riddari Balvin Thorfinnsson, fighting
for Lady Francesca de Asisi, defeated Lord Hrafn Olaffson to become our
twenty-ninth Protector.

The fighting on the rapier field was just as chivalrous and graceful,
and Don Elric Dracwin, fighting for H.L. Dominique Michelle LeVesseur,
once again became our Rapier Champion - to our great joy.

While fighters gathered afterwords for pick-up fights, the horses and
their riders assembled at the riding field to vie for the title of
Equestrian Champion.  Hagar Coldbrow Skaldsson, riding Tango, an
American Mustang, won the day there before a crowd of onlookers.

Other activities of the day included a Steamed Pudding competition, won
by Ian MacEwan. In the evening, Lord Hatur provided a sumptuous feast
featuring local meats that were incredible.  An auction to raise money
for hurricane relief to our S.C.A. friends so hard hit last month
brought in over two hundred dollars.

Sir Trelogin journeyed to us from the Midrealm to judge an Interkingdom
Brewing Competition, in which several items from brewers in this area
scored very high, surprising no one but the entrants.

A beautiful hafla was held with the lively music of drummers and lively
steps of dancers from far and near, and the Honorable Brotherhood of
Brewers, Mazers, and Vintners sponsored a BARdic competition for the
truly improvisional that lifted the leaves with gales of laughter.

As people left Camp Cimarron and Protectorate XXIX, we hope they packed
their memories of the weekend as safe as the treasures they are.

Baron Ulf & Baroness Maleah, Namron

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