[Namron] Food Variety in modern time USA

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I think the only people who came close to the many
varied possibilities of the average American grocery were
upper class Romans and Byzantines in certain periods.
Until you live in some other countries, where all the
available food is local and seasonal, you might not realize
what a truly varied diet is possible, even though most
Americans probably eat pizza, hamburgers and tacos
to the exclusion of variety.  I have wild rabbit in my
back yard, but they have parasites which the domestic
rabbits sold in various food stores probably don't have.

Did anyone find my wandering Inkle Loom at Protectorate?

Caius Fabius

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>How do you figure our modern diet is limited?  We get more variety than any 
>time I can think of, and better quality.
>            Ewen MacG.
>At 09:28 PM 10/13/2005, you wrote:
>>Wild boar?? How cool... I'd like to try some of that?
>>Our diet in this modern age is so limited compared to
>>past times.  I'm always eager to try something
>>Anyone know a good local source for rabbit?
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